Delium 225/55 R17 GN2

220,00 SAR exc. VAT 15%

Safety and stability is of utmost importance in the Delium Velocita GN2’s development. This is delivered by its asymmetrical tread pattern with T-shape sipes and a center groove that help accelerate water dissipation, thus reducing the risks of aquaplaning substantially.

The Velocita GN2 is a versatile tire for all seasons which guarantees peace of mind with the brand’s ISO 9001 certification. Consumer tests using Velocita GN2 tires in 215/55 R17 size proved that they not only match but also exceed benchmarks set by the industry’s more well-known names. This was deduced after hard driving on Velocita GN2 tires, a testament to their dynamic abilities as well as their long-term quality. The Velocita GN2 is also available in 15 to 20-inch-wheel sizes. And with the performance, safety, reliability and value for money it offers, it’s a choice you won’t regret.


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